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last year | 0 view Black Jack Ketchum (2) - Stories of the Century. Report ... Thomas Edward Ketchum - Outlaws - Genealogy Trails THOMAS EDWARD KETCHUM Thomas Edward Ketchum was born October 31, 1863 in San Saba, Texas his life ended on April 26, 1901 in Clayton, New Mexico. Thomas was the youngest of eight children born to Greenbury Ketchum and Katherine Wydick. ...

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Tom Ketchum - Wikipedia He and Ketchum did not like each other, and Ketchum avoided Curry as much as possible. Kid Curry would kill nine lawmen over the course of the next eight years. During this time, Tom Ketchum was once identified mistakenly as "Black Jack" Christian, another outlaw, and that became his nickname as well. 1901: “Black Jack” Tom Ketchum, who was left in three pieces Tom Ketchum — who had become known as “Black Jack” when misidentified with another hombre he resembled — was the last man to hang in America for attempting to rob a train. Given the way the authorities in Clayton, N.M., conducted the job, that’s probably for the best.


The hanging of Black Jack Ketchum didn’t go as planned It was April 26, 1901, when train robber Thomas Edward Ketchum, later known as Black Jack, was hanged in the town of Clayton. Ever since that fateful day, the sad, twisted tale of one of the last outlaws of the Wild West has captured the imagination of historians ...