Memory slot utility keeps popping up

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Memory slot utility keeps popping up: Mac… - Apple Community I recently added 2 x 4GB of OWC RAM to my Mac Pro 2009 quad, so that I now have 10GB of RAM (slots 1 & 2: 4GB; slots 3 & 4: 1GB). On booting up (after adding the new memory), the Memory Slot Utility popped up reassuringly, saying that the memory had been correctly installed. The problem is that it keeps doing so each time I boot the machine. SDHC Card keeps opening Windows Explorer. - It didn't yesterday, but today it keeps opening a Windows Folder when I have it plugged into the SD Card Slot. I updated all drivers via DriverEasy yesterday but I do not see a driver that was updated for the SD Card. When I check Device Manager it shows the 2006 10.0.10586.0 driver. Somehow though ... Adobe Flash Player Installer keeps popping up | Adobe Community

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Error keeps popping up | TechPowerUp Forums Error keeps popping up. Thread starter Toothless. Start date Feb 27, 2016.Is your RAM used up and it is forced into the page file? It might be a symptom that there isn't enough system RAM. Conversely, this EagleX64.sys may have a memory leak which is causing it to eat up all of the RAM. How to Free Up Physical Memory on Your Computer |… In layman's terms, physical memory (random access memory or, simply, RAM) is the section of your computer's brain—others include the hard drive and optical drivers, such as the CD or DVD drive—where information can be stored and accessed quickly (and at random) to ensure efficient...

When I booted up the system again, I got this message : Quite nice I thought, seems the memory is working as it should. And apparently, it is. But now, every time I reboot my computer, Memory Slot Utility feels the need to tell me this again. Ive been trying to find a setting or app for this Memory Slot Utility, but with no luck.

There is a radio button, "system managed size" is the most common setting, but if you want to set a custom size, you want an initial and max size of 1.5 to times your installed physical memory. Be sure to hit the "set" button, then OK, OK, OK after making any changes, then reboot for changes to be applied.

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